Delivery of goods

The Seller undertakes to deliver ordered goods to the purchaser within 30 days from the date of receipt of order, but in exceptional cases (older or heavier titles available, or it dovýroba) the period may be extended, on which we will then inform the e-mail.

General delivery time when the availability of goods on order:

- Slovak and Czech titles: 7-14 days
- Regional versions of foreign albums: 7-14 days
- Foreign titles: 7-30 days
- T-shirts, sweatshirts, and various other accessories: 14-30 days

Titles that are available in advance, you dispatch immediately after commissioning of distribution and receipt of the warehouse.

In the event that the goods are for some reason could not be sent, respectively. delivered, the seller shall immediately notify the buyer via e-mail or telephone.

Seller is not responsible for late delivery of goods caused by the Slovak-mail or giving the wrong address the buyer.